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Crossroads Coaching and Consulting, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN •


You may be feeling like you are at a crossroads, like you are suddenly unsure of your own talents and gifts as a person of influence. It's okay. This is the place where I want to meet you - right here, right now at your own crossroads. I want to help you get clear about your strengths and your impact as a leader.  I care immensely about what you do and how you lead because YOU matter to those around you.


Are you...

  • Looking for ways to heighten your impact, activate your strengths, and influence others more positively?
  • Passionate about helping people grow in their role?
  • Drawn to what it is that makes people tick so you can learn how to better leverage your team's gifts and talents?

Do you...

  • Want to change your approach because it has not been very effective lately?
  • Want to get to the heart of the real problems and the most pressing issues?
  • Need to stop the daily spin, move from stuck to unstuck, and get clear?
  • Want your team to work better together, because you care about your team and you care about the growth of the business?
  I know you are highly motivated to help people succeed. It matters to you. It matters to me, too. I want to partner with you to help you be the leader you were meant to be.