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Crossroads Coaching and Consulting, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN •


Stand in Your Strengths. Make a Difference.


Do What You Love.


Are you…

  • Looking for ways to intensify your impact, activate your strengths, and influence others more positively?
  • Interested in helping people grow in their roles?
  • Drawn to what it is that makes people tick, so you can learn how to leverage your team’s strengths and talents?


Do you…

  • Want to change your approach, because it hasn’t been working very well lately?
  • Feel like something inside of you is pulling you toward your areas of strength, instead of working time and again on improving yourself in areas that just aren’t what you love?
  • Want to get to the heart of the real problems and the most pressing issues, so you can make it better, for good?
  • Want people to work better together, because you care about them and about the growth of the business?

If so, you may be feeling like you are at a crossroads, like you are suddenly unsure of your own talents and gifts as a person of influence. It’s okay. This is the place where I want to meet you – right here, right now, at your own crossroads.


I know you are highly motivated to help people succeed. It matters to you. It matters to me, too. I want to partner with you to help you be the leader you were meant to be. I want to help you get clear about your strengths and your impact. I care immensely about what you do and how you lead because YOU make a difference. You matter.