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I Know What You’re Going Through

Your team is frustrated and exhausted. Projects have taken on a life of their own. Action isn’t the issue, but aligning the right action, with the right people, to get the right results over the long term, is the issue. 


It’s time to lead your team from feeling unglued at the seams, to feeling cohesive, energized, and productive. I can help you. I am your business mentor, process consultant and executive coach. Different disciplines that are intricately linked, in a way that is uniquely designed for you — where people and process meet.


You Matter — More Than You Can Possibly Imagine

I want to help you get clear about your role, your process, and your results. I care immensely about what you do and how you lead because YOU matter to those around you. 



 ”Wendy Neu and I have worked extensively on several varying projects, including: executive coaching for me personally, leadership training and enhancement for my management team, organizational process mapping and targeting one-on-one coaching for select associates I manage. She has had a measurable positive effect on my team and me. Wendy is incredibly talented, intuitive, personable, effective and passionate about her craft. Very rarely do you come across someone who cares so deeply about helping individuals or corporations grow and succeed. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a person of high integrity and honesty. I consider Wendy part of my inner circle of trusted advisers, which is the highest recommendation I can give.”


      ~Andrew, Chief Strategy Officer


“Wendy’s coaching has made me keenly aware of the leadership role I play within our company and has brought those characteristics to the forefront of my mind.  As a whole, I know the impact I have on all the managers and staff in the organization and I can identify those traits.  My leadership style is one of empowering individuals, fostering an environment of ideas and efficiency rather than egos and nurturing an atmosphere of results based on successful processes rather than success itself.  I feel more confident and engaged in the future of our company as a result of her coaching.”  


     ~Steve, Chief Performance Officer